How To Choose The Most Suitable Kitchen Cabinets

How To Choose The Most Suitable Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Design

Many home owners struggle with choosing kitchen cabinets for a new or existing home. However, one should focus on several factors before the decision is made. The homeowner would have to choose suitable kitchen cabinets based on if he or she is going to live in the home or if it is a rental property. They should also consider the size of the space, their budget and the durability of the kitchen cabinets. In addition, kitchen cabinets should be functional and fit the décor of the home.

Size of the Space

The size of the kitchen space will determine the space for the kitchen cabinets. Allowances must be made for the kitchen sink, the stove and the refrigerator. In addition, there will need to be adequate storage for utensils, pots, dishes and food items in the kitchen cabinets. Be sure to measure the space to accommodate standard appliances. However, it is best to have in mind the type and size of appliances when designing the kitchen cabinets.


A homeowner must be very mindful of his or her budget before buying kitchen cabinets. There are simple designs for kitchen cabinets that can be ordered from a home improvement store that are affordable and fit into any tight budget. However, do keep in mind that the physical kitchen cabinets have a cost but the carpenter will charge an installation fee unless the homeowner can attempt to do it himself. There is also the option to give a carpenter a contract to design, make and install the kitchen cabinets. The latter option may be more expensive but there will be more options available for the kitchen cabinets.


Kitchen cabinets are not complete without a countertop. The homeowner must consider if he wants Corian, granite, tile or a wood finish countertop. Each option comes with a price tag and this should also be factored in the budget. When sourcing the counter top, it is important to measure for all surfaces and to subtract the kitchen sink area from the total. Choose a countertop that will beautifully match the décor without going over the budget for the kitchen cabinets.


No one wants to change kitchen cabinets every few years because it can be a costly exercise. Therefore, it is important to find kitchen cabinets that are durable. Look for quality materials such a solid wood or hard plastic. The pressed wood kitchen cabinets may be suitable for a single person but even with one person, spills are possible. When pressed wood gets wet, it swells and this does not look good in the home.

Adding an Island

An island is a cabinet that is typically not mounted on a wall, but can be positioned in the middle of a room. Ordering an island may not add too much to the total cost of the kitchen cabinets. However, it is important to make sure that there is enough space to accommodate same. Be sure to have enough countertop prepared for the island and include the needed accessories such as the handles and hinges. The island can also offer great additional storage in the kitchen.

Buying Hinges & Handles

Homeowners should also include hinges and handles in the budget for the kitchen cabinets. Choose accessories that are durable and will not rust easily. Opt for stainless steel or colored handles that can withstand wear and tear and can be easily used by children in the home.

Homeowners have to consider several factors when choosing kitchen cabinets. They must look at the budget, which must include hinges, accessories, countertop and an island, if needed. Consider the kitchen space so that the space is fully utilized. In addition, it is very important to install kitchen cabinets that are durable. Kitchen cabinets are important to a home and the homeowner must make the choice wisely.

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